Hi-Tech Braces
Hi-Tech Braces

A unique treatment philosophy to provide the ultimate smiles in the shortest possible time

Our Specialist Orthodontists in Wimbledon are pleased to offer you hi-tech braces, the system which goes far beyond straighter teeth and embraces a holistic treatment methodology by taking the whole patient into account.

Clear at the front, where it matters

Hi-tech braces offer you the advantage of having clear braces towards the front of your mouth where they will be seen the most.

The hi-tech appliance has a revolutionary passive slide mechanism design reducing friction and binding, so your teeth move as efficiently as possible with the greatest comfort while reducing the number of visits to see your Orthodontist.

With the clear option, all the advantages of fixed braces are combined with virtually invisible brackets into one revolutionary new system which has been clinically proven to achieve a straight smile rapidly.


Reasons to choose hi-tech braces

  • To correct a crowded and crooked smile
  • To achieve a wider and fuller smile
  • To compliment and improve your facial profile
  • Achieving your smile without the use of headgear or palate expanding devices

Contact Wimbledon Orthodontic to learn more about hi-tech braces, and book an appointment to discuss the best solution for your smile.